February 21, 2016


 photo photoiq_zpsbllzzgiz.jpg
Billiards and Pool Tables are showing up everywhere, again!
They conjure ideas of smokey pool halls with bikers in leather vests
Poncey robber-barons in velvet slippers preening about in mahogany paneled rooms…

I believe people are enjoying sports and activities more these days where they can actually talk to each other:
Golf, billiards or even power-walking which allows friends to talk whilst playing and doing something mildly competitive.

The pool tables for the average home, and the rooms they inhabit have evolved; no longer a wood-grain laminate and emerald-green felt hideosity kept in the basement… 

(Source: Michael Smith)
They can be fabricated from exotic woods with custom-colored felts and kept right in the living room, or made of weatherproof, color-coordinated materials and used poolside, on a rooftop or even on the beach!

 photo exquisite-w-hotel-in-new-york-8_zpszwgby6dc.jpg
(W-Hotel NYC)
Yes, there are many types of outdoor pool tables for poolside, penthouse terraces or lakeside pergolas


 photo 12-ralph-lauren-home-bedford-new-york-2014-habituallychic_zps81ahlsxb.jpg
(Source: Ralph Lauren)
The quintessential billiards room.
A tad overstated unless you're a an ivy-league wanna-be.

 photo musha-cay-and-the-islands-of-copperfield-bay-012_zps09ey0cnf.jpg
(Source: David Copperfield)
The memorabilia artfully arranged around this room adds an important personal touch
(which is absent from so many rooms today)

 photo sailboat-herlong-architects4_zpsfmoyowmb.jpg
(Source: Herlong Architects)
This room gives me wood!
Boating and billiards, two hobbies incorporated
together make for a great decor.

 photo designed by Penny Drue Baird   bucks cty_zpsuer4gbup.jpg
(Source: Penny Drue Baird)
Create a man cave in a barn conversion, make it masculine and cozy.

 photo kluge palm beach_zpss3nktzdk.jpg
(Source: Jennifer Garrigues Interiors)
Benevolent billionaire, John Kluge played pool in this cool aerie in his Palm Beach home. The room alone inspires you to relax and enjoy the game. 

 photo item15_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-16-pool-room_zpsizsco9zx.jpg
(Source: Will & Jade Pinkett Smith)
A smart, asymmetrical Moroccan themed room has a simplistic, clean-lined feel with an extra cool vibe.

 photo Waldo Fernandez_zpsdv34hgco.jpg
(Source: Waldo Fernandez)
Modern, updated clubby - How hot is that?

 photo the  3North Group_zpsp3bvad6a.jpg
(Source: North Group)
Got an attic space that's not being used?

 photo CARRIER AND CO.3_zpss5docqma.jpg
 photo CARRIER AND CO.5_zps33qzuann.jpg
(Source: Carrier & Company)
Trick out your basement as a kick-ass billiards/entertainment room.
Include a seating area for the ones not playing, this make the game fun for everyone.


 photo 11892386485686016_9GpZ9Kly_c_zpswfgxypef.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
You thought all billiards rooms had to look like Ralph Lauren threw up all over them, din'cha? 
There is traditional style besides Ralph....

 photo glamorous-soho-penthouse-lenny-kravitz-5_zpsl5gazmnl.jpg
(Source: Lenny Kravitz)
Lenny Kravis brings cool to pool!

 photo by Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos amp Designers_zpshluoygil.jpg
(Source: Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos)
Pool rooms don't need to be expensive, a room with a cheap table and mix-match furniture can provide just as much fun. 

 photo San Francisco designer Steven Volpe 34_zpsfsexv402.jpg
(Source: Steven Volpe)
Why not have a kick-ass living room with a pool table in it?

 photo The-Penthouse-by-ODA-ARCITECTURE NYC_zpsqwp4qu2f.jpg
(Source: ODA Architecture)
A specially crafted billiard table is a major art-piece in the room, any other table in this beautifully designed space would be an epic fail.

 photo Jamie Drakes work2_zpspqtr1r9g.png
(Source: Jamie Drake)
Which would you use more, a dining room or a billiards room?
This hot blue room is so on it!
Table felts can come in any color.

 photo house-designrulz-0076  Thomas Griem of TG Studio_zpsnypgct0g.jpg
(Source: Thomas Griem/TG Studio)
Make a statement, how about a magenta felt?


 photo 482b3d744711ad9b0725d8b5add1c0c9-1332187050_zpskuajnnvp.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
An attic room is brightened up with some Americana. The seating provides a TV area for those not playing pool.

 photo e6a8f52ed07e6736c800b9a39331e3b1_zpsyvmwytrh.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
Got an extra garage bay? 
Cheap and chic's the way to go

 photo forge_river_guest-5_zpscxfxxttf.jpg
(Source: Forge River Guest House)
Close in your old garage and make it a recreation room with a pool table. Keep it funky and casual.

 photo Shelton Mindel amp Associates_zpstg6cxcz9.jpg
(Source: Shelton Mindel, Assoc.)
Weekend homes should be fun and causal, like this one. 
A pool table in the end of this living room makes a great entertainment area, or a large buffet when entertaining.

 photo Grange-View-Residence-6_zps4jhbsdnt.jpg
(Source: Grange View) 
For the kid-at-heart indulge yourself with a full-on game room; billiards, fusbol, pinball, poker table, and whatever else you enjoy.
Just do it!

You Can Do It, I Can Help!

February 12, 2016



 photo 66024_1680438533957_1327358614_1839640_4319453_n_zpsdd5d002c.jpg
Needin' some fireworks up in your crib?
Then get a RED SOFA!

 photo mae-west-lips-sofa-1937salvadordali_zps1b7297a9.jpg
In 1937 Salvador Dali was commissioned to create this red satin settee in the likeness of the risque sexual temptress Mae West's lips... 

And thus began the fascination with sexy red sofas....
 photo get-attachment33_zps8ad17c92.jpg

 photo 1_zpsa5caced4.jpg
(Hotel de Crillon, Paris)
Anyone ever guess why the furniture at the Crillon is upholstered in red???
Sex Sells!


 photo decorpad_zpsfe410b31.png
(Source: Decorpad)
This red sofa is so hot looking in this off-white room; it balances the vivid art pieces and white walls, making the space drop-dead sexy!

 photo get-attachment30_zps75efacf3.jpg
These red velvet moderne pieces with the nail-head trim on the arms creates crisper lines whilst making them more architectural.
Those sofa's would definitely get you percolating!

 photo InteriordesignerDavidTurnboughchicago_zps857da14f.jpg
(Source: David Turn)
Glam-o-licious baby!!
I can just see a sexy game of cat-and-mouse on that roundabout!

 photo John-Roch-Connecticut-House_zps7451c2f6.jpg
(Source: John Roch)
The feminine curvaceous lines of the Chippendale-style sofa upholstered in red breaks the severity of the Bauhaus modern pieces in black, some Yin/Yang tension perhaps....

 photo get-attachment32_zpsa4ebbc2c.jpg
(Source: Elizabeth Mayhew)
Forget the pumps, that's a Come-F$#k-Me-Sofa if I ever saw one!

 photo get-attachment44_zps4506d4f4.jpg
(Source:  Johannesburg-Mulen)
This all white modern home has an open floor plan, the only color in the entire house is the bright red sofa which can be seen from numerous vantage points throughout the house,
drawing you in closer like a Venus Fly Trap...

 photo elledecor9_zps3b07bb17.jpg
(Source: Thomas Britt)
This new "English style" interior is sooo DEAD SEXY !  

 photo MilesRedd2_zps07f8dc29.jpg
(Source: Miles Redd)
All these furnishings are recycled from the 80's. 
Their new life is about color and attitude not provenance! 
And, the wife will never find the secretary's lipstick on anything...

 photo helenerochasparischristies2_zpsd85336b6.jpg
(Source: Helene Rochas)
This small settee upholstered in red gives this elegant drawing room a pop of sexy-bitch-glam....
A little sherry, darling? 

 photo get-attachment9_zpsea3252d2.jpg
(Source: Crab Creek)
You just know that red sex-tional is used for more than just relaxing by the fire in this small living room...

 photo VeraWangexecutiveMarioGrauso2_zpse713f16f.jpg
(Source: Mario Grauso)
Careful when you sit on this traditional sofa covered in red cotton you just might signal a burning desire....

 photo get-attachment13_zps72cec80a.jpg
(Source: Miles Redd)
Nothin' like a velvet sofa on a naked tooshie...

 photo get-attachment18_zps9e58ebed.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
This crisp, clean-lined preppy ensemble is amazingly bright, it just screams  HAPPY....
(just before Buffy pulls out her cat-O-nine-tails)

 photo get-attachment19_zpsc572f68e.jpg
(Source: Freshome)
With a view like that you don't want too many distractions from the decorations ... but you do want something to make your motor run: Add one red sofa and you're going from 0 to 60 in seven seconds....

 photo get-attachment8_zpsc86a5ae9.jpg
(Source: Miles Redd)
Redd uses a lot of red, and he does it so well too...
Cougars love to dig their claws into velvet....

 photo kerryjoycegoodpic_zpsfe552c1e.jpg
(Source: Kerry Joyce)
How many media rooms have we seen in black, brown or gray??? This red room is sensuous and sexy
You'd be happy when the kids were away in this room....

 photo get-attachment28_zpsa6fc5a4e.jpg
(Source: D-Home Interior Design)
These urban loft dwellers wanted modern, yet cozy.
The Chesterfield sofas were the perfect solution; their masculine testosterone-fueled frame balances the estrogenic lipstick red leather...

 photo get-attachment25_zps5780b658.jpg
(Source: William Georgis)
With that cozy fire, zebra chairs and red sofa you know there's gonna be a happy ending...

 photo 59cadillac_zpsed2e9dcc.jpg
Been complaining your man pays more attention to his car than you?
Then jump in the back seat baby...

 photo DecoratorsValerianRybarandJean-FranccediloisDaigre_zpsf91ce051.jpg
(Source: Valerian Rybar)
WTF, Really???
If the devil were gay, this is what his office would look like...

 photo ChristianAstuguevieilleparis_zpsbd45c58b.jpg
(Source: Christian Astuguevielle)
In this Paris apartment where almost everything's neutral the red velvet upholstery is the French Tickler  in the space 

 photo dowager_zps07711172.jpg
Red Sofa's aren't just for old dowagers anymore.....

 photo j_zps6450e2d5.jpg

You can do it, I'm here to help!


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